Capture You Kids In Action With Your iPhone

Capture Your Kids In Action 

Three Tips To Take Action Shots With Your iPhone

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How many times have you tried to capture a cute shot of your child only to see that your iPhone photo looks dull or blurry?  What about when a cute moment happens, but you totally forgot your good camera at home? I can totally relate!!  This is one of the main reasons I taught myself how to take and edit photos with my iPhone.  Capturing action shots with your iPhone doesn’t have to be hard!  Today I am so excited to equip you with 3 great tips to capture a beautiful photo of your kids in action with your iPhone!!

3 Tips For Capturing Action Shots With Your iPhone by Braided Brunette

For example, this photo above was captured in a Walmart parking lot after an impromptu stop for some things we needed.  While we were shopping around, Belle remembered that she needed new PJ’s and I was hungry so I grabbed a bag of apples. When we got to the car, she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and adorable freckles and said, “Mom, can I please put on my new Pj’s and eat an apple?!”

I loved how carefree we were in that moment.  I thought she looked so adorable biting into that apple.  I wanted to remember this moment forever.  Without hesitation, I slipped out my iPhone from my back pocket and snapped a few photos of her in action.  I love that we have this moment captured on camera forever!

3 Tips For Capturing Amazing Instagram Photos Of Your Kids With Your iPhone by Braided Brunette

Check out this series above that I did for instagram!! I called it #mealtimereflected .  These are such fun photos to take!! I love how action shots really capture different facial expressions and personalities!!  Okay, I know your dying to get your kids out playing or crafting so you can capture your memories too, so lets teach you some basics on how to get that perfect shot!!

Okay honestly, I could definitely do an entire blog post on lighting!! And this is something that you can anticipate coming to your email box if you subscribed to my blog, but for beginning,  I am going to keep this pretty simple.  You want to make sure you are shooting in nice natural light to achieve the best quality photo with our iPhone.  Natural light either outdoors or by a big window is the best!  I have found my iPhone photos turn out the best on cloudy days or in the early morning or late evening.  Specifically an hour after the sun rises or in the evening an hour before the sunsets. I know this can leave you limited, but if you’re wanting a higher quality photo this is key!  Great lighting will also ensure that parts of your photo aren’t over exposed or casting weird shadows on your face.  If it happens to be a bright sunny day, then I would suggest you snap your photo in a spot with some shade. Play around with your lighting! Placing your subject with the lighting either in the front, side or behind will create different effects.  If your new to this then I would suggest front or side lighting to keep the most details in your photo.  If your a little more advanced then start practice with back lighting!! It can create a beautiful glow, but you can lose some detail. I told you I could go on and on about lighting and I promise I will in another post!!

Using burst mode with your iPhone to capture action shots is essential!!  I love using burst mode when I am capturing the kids jumping, running or splashing in water.  Burst mode is also great when it’s windy!  Burst mode allows you to continuously capture ten photos every second. To activate burst mode, just tap and hold the shutter button within the iPhone’s camera app.  After when you go to look at your photos you will see how many are in the burst you took.  You can look at each individual photo in your burst by tapping “select”.  From here you can choose which ones you like to keep by selecting the little round circle on the bottom right hand side of your photo.


I think trying new angles is one of the best ways to get interesting actions shots!  Try getting real low when someone is jumping or take a shot from above with your child looking up laughing at you!

3 Tips For Capturing Action Shots With Your iPhone by Braided Brunette


Okay now that you are equipped with some basics, go out to the splash park or head outside in the yard to play to get your own action shots mama!!  Take LOTS of photos and then go through them later and pick your favorites. You can literally heart them to add them to a “favorites” photo album on your phone.  This will separate them from the rest and make it easier for you to narrow it down after.  You also may want to download some basic editing apps like Snapseed to adjust the colors, brighten or contrast after to really make your photo pop!  Head over to my blog post all about my fave editing apps.  I will do more detailed editing tutorials soon!  Thanks for popping in!!  Be sure to come follow me on Instagram and tag me in some of your photos, so we can stay connected!  If you loved these tips and found them helpful, I would be so grateful if you would pin this blog post or share on your other social media platforms!  It’s really the best way to continue to build our community and learn from one another.  Have fun girl!!!


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