Wooden Watch: A Unique Valentine’s Gift

Wooden Watch: A Unique Valentine’s Gift January 30th, 2018 There’s something so magical about being out in the woods together, surrounded by massive trees with the sun peaking through.  It’s my happy place for sure.  My husband and I both share a love for the woods so much, that we built a cozy timber-frame home, tucked […]

Easy Rope Braid Tutorial

      This simple rope braid was one of the first cute hair styles I learned how to do and I still do it ALL the time, because it’s so QUICK!! I love this hairstyle, because it literally takes like three minutes and no curling or heat is required! I know you mama’s can appreciate quick […]


3 INGREDIENT PEPPERMINT MOON SAND Monday December 18th, 2017   Before I share this simple recipe let me tell you ladies, I am OBSESSED with clean floors.  So your probably thinking, how can this girl let her kids play with moon sand if she loves clean floors?!  Cookie trays ladies!! Or giant a bin!!  Make […]

Belle Is…

  Whether you are an avid bible reader or not, it’s likely you’ve heard the famous verse about love. I read somewhere, to read the verse to your children, but replace the word love with your child’s name. I thought this was a sweet idea, so last night before bed, I went to their rooms […]

Defining Balance

This morning as I was sipping on my morning coffee, I got to thinking more about life balance; how this is such a struggle for so many and is something I continue to work through all the time. I’m getting much better at it and wanted to share a few insights around this topic in […]

Parents Need Time Outs

PARENTS NEED TIME-OUTS Do time outs REALLY work? I’m here to tell you, yes they do, and I’m not talking kid time outs, I’m talking grown ass adult time outs!! For the most part, I consider myself a pretty calm and patient person, but the other day I felt like a giant storm was raging […]