Defining Balance

This morning as I was sipping on my morning coffee, I got to thinking more about life balance; how this is such a struggle for so many and is something I continue to work through all the time. I’m getting much better at it and wanted to share a few insights around this topic in hopes to encourage you:

1. First of all how you define balance is unique to who you are, so stop comparing yourselves to others!

2. Life balance changes depending on what season of life you are in. Give yourself some grace girl! My husband is gone half the year, so I’ve learned that my home will be a bit messier when he is away as I don’t have an extra hand. And that dinners will be much less extravagant, because I just don’t have the same time to dedicate to cooking.

3. I find clearing physical clutter can help me to clear my mental clutter leaving me feeling more balanced. Maybe start with what you can see around you, like the clutter on the kitchen table, then slowly work into some cupboards as the weeks progress.

4. Schedule margin time!! Having time where there is nothing on your schedule is so important! For me this is the time where creative ideas can flow in, or where I can just read a book or whatever makes me happy! You’re happiness is important and if you don’t make time for yourself, you will be left feeling burnt out and unbalanced.

5. Laugh, smile, be silly and enjoy the little things.💞

• • • • •

I would love for you to share below with me some tips on how you stay balanced. 💜

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