Easy Rope Braid Tutorial


This simple rope braid was one of the first cute hair styles I learned how to do and I still do it ALL the time, because it’s so QUICK!! I love this hairstyle, because it literally takes like three minutes and no curling or heat is required! I know you mama’s can appreciate quick since you’re already super busy!  I mean you head to the bathroom and 2 seconds later little fingers are poking through the bottom of the door begging you to open it. I remember those days all too clearly! As much as I love hair and makeup, I don’t love taking a long time to get ready and I’m sure you don’t either, so I am so excited to share this super quick and easy rope braid hair tutorial with you below!  

So as you can see, if you just try to twist your hair together it will come apart!  There’s a little trick to keeping the rope braid together! (Twisting the two pieces TOWARD your face)  Just for a recap here is what you need to create this look:

Dry Shampoo:  I used Moroccan Oil dry shampoo for dark tones.  You can purchase that HERE.

Texture Spray:  I used Beautycounters  Texture Sea Salt Mist.  You can purchase that HERE.

One Mini elastic and maybe one or two hair pins.

Optional: Hairspray to finish it.

As always, thank you so much ladies for popping in!  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you would like to see more hair tutorials!!   If you try this three minute rope braid then please tag me on instagram in your stories so I can see!!  Lots of love to you all!

This easy three minute rope braid tutorial is awesome because its fast, so its perfect for the busy mom! You can also dress this style up or down and do on many lengths of hair! #hairstyle #hairtutorial #momhacks #hairhacks #longhair

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5 thoughts on “Easy Rope Braid Tutorial

  1. Jan

    Looks great. I will definitely try this! Thanks for the tutorial Lauren!

    • Thank you!! Glad you liked it! Your hair would be amazing to work with!

  2. Angelene

    I really want to try this, so easy and it looks so nice!

    • Yes, send me a picture when you do!!! It may take a try or two, but once you get the hang on twisting towards your face, its so quick and cute!!!

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