My Favorite Apps To Edit iPhone Photos

My Favorite Apps To Edit iPhone Photos

It can take a little time to find your favorite apps to edit your iPhone photos.  I have been learning about iPhone photography for one year now, so I have downloaded and deleted MANY apps for editing photos.  I personally love taking photos with my iPhone for the sheer convenience of it!!  It’s small and easy to tote around, in fact I usually have it on me, so now I can snap a photo if a moment strikes without the disappointment of leaving my camera at home.   I have found apps great for taking photos in low lighting, apps to make moving water look dreamy and apps that work great to just add some nice sun flares.  Today I will share with you my favorite apps for editing the majority of my iPhone photos.  Just a few quick edits to your photo can really make it pop to stand out on Instagram or just for printing off and putting in a frame!

The photo above is the original photo I took of my children with my the camera on my iPhone SE.  It’s super cute, but I really wanted the colors to pop and a little more clarity with their facial features.  Keep scrolling to find out how I achieved that desired look!

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While this photo isn’t the exact same shot, it was taken just seconds before with the exact same lighting.  I wanted to edit the silly one for Instagram below and this one for framing in my living room, so the end look I wanted was completely different. The only app I used to edit the photo above was an app called Snapseed. This app was one of the first apps I downloaded and started playing with.  It’s super awesome and user friendly!!  In this photo I cropped the image first.  Then I fine tuned the image by adding some ambiance, warmth, saturation, brightening and contrast.  I also used the portrait option to bring some clarity to their faces and finally used the details option to sharpen the photo a bit.  I was happy with the end results and excited to print off to frame!  If I had known now what I knew then, I would have likely added a nice sun flare to the back since the sun was already there and it would have made the photo that much more warmer and inviting.

Now that you know what apps I used to edit everyday photos, I want to share with you the apps I used to edit my photos for Instagram.  I am really just finding the cohesive look I want for Instagram. It’s one that is warm and magical, almost story like.  To edit this photo I started with the Filmborn App to brighten the photo.  I’ve only just downloaded this app, but I can tell already there is going to be a lot of potential with it, so I am excited to learn more!!  Next I brought this photo into the app, Snapseed, that I told you about above.   In Snapseed I fine tuned the photo like the one above, by brightening, contrast, and bumping up the colors and warmth.  I also use the portrait option, HDR scape and structure.  Once I did all that, I brought the photo into my last editing app, ColorStory.  I put a warmer filter on it that I’ve been currently using on all of my Instagram photos, then I added in a sky overlay and some bokeh. 


Since learning how to set monthly goals and say no a little more, I’ve seen able to say yes to what sets my soul on fire: getting creative!!!  I love taking photos with my iPhone and can’t wait to continue to learn more.  What are your favorite apps to edit your iPhone photos?  Would you like a more visual step by step on how I edit a particular photo?  Let me know in the comments!  Lots of love to you all!

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Apps To Edit iPhone Photos

  1. Thanks for sharing girl! I love your photos and use snapseed as well! It’s so easy. But I’m excited to check out the other two apps that you mentioned. I also use pic tap go because I like how you can create your own recipe using filters and then save it. Then you can apply it to the rest of your photos so they all have that same cohesive feel! Much love to ya! ❤️

    • Oh cool, I will have to check pic tap out! Finding new editing apps can be so much fun!! Let me know what you think of these two! <3

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