My Biggest Hair Secret


February 4th, 2018

I have a hair secret; a hair secret that for years I didn’t want to admit even to my closest friends.  It seems silly now that most of them know my hair secret and even have stories of their own that relate to mine, but it took me years to openly talk about it.  I didn’t want to tell people my hair secret, not because I didn’t want them to have a gorgeous long braid of their own, but because I was afraid they would think I was fake if my hair secret was revealed.

hair extensions, long hair, braid, hair secret

Let me back track a bit.  Ever since we were little girls, my twin sister and I dreamed of having long, beautiful hair.  So much so, that we would tie pillow cases to our heads pretending it was long hair.  Our Auntie Barbara even made us these cute little straw hats with long, blonde braids attached to it made from yarn.  We LOVED it!  We would ride around on our bikes all day long sporting our new hats, just over the moon about our new long locks attached to it.  (Back before bike helmets were widely enforced.)   

hair extensions, long hair, braid, twins, hair secret

But here’s the thing, my hair is not naturally long or thick.  In fact hair dressers have referred to it has thin, duck fluff and fine.  I know it sounds silly, but I even stopped going to the hair dressers, because it seemed like every time I went they would comment on my lack of hair they were styling. I know pride is an ugly thing isn’t it?! I think I am ready to go back, because I could use a proper cut! We all have insecurities and this was a sore spot for me for a long time.

hair extensions, long hair, braid, hair secret

Right now you are either really confused, because I do sport a long, voluminous braid most days or you’ve caught on to my hair secret.   So what is my hair secret?  

Hair extensions!! Yes, that’s right ladies.  I have been wearing clip in hair extensions for YEARS to add length and volume to my hair.  And you know what?  I’m not embarrassed about it anymore; I’m owning it, because I love it.  I mean who doesn’t want all their princess hair dreams to come true?  When I told one of my besties that I wear clip ins, she was so shocked.  She said she would have never known.  She also went on to mention that her mom always had different hair pieces hanging in her closet to easily change her looks!

So if no one would have been able to tell that half the hair on my head isn’t my own, why spill the beans now?  Because, I want you to embrace all of you and how you choose to style yourself, even the parts that may not be real.  God doesn’t want me to live in shame for who I am or how I style my hair!!  So I am owning it!  Just like drawing, making candles or taking photos; learning new braids is like a creative outlet for me and thanks to clip in hair extensions I am able to let that creativity shine in my hairstyles

hair extensions, long hair, braid, hair secret

This blog post is not sponsored in any way, but just in case you are wondering, I am currently sporting Luxy Hair Extensions in Chestnut Ombre. 

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5 thoughts on “My Biggest Hair Secret

  1. Jan

    Great article! It is hard to be vulnerable about ourselves, but sharing things about ourselves can be so helpful to others. It helps people connect and be real with each other, and this facilitates a greater authenticity. And we realize that we are not so different. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for that comment Janice. You are so right; we are all on this journey of life together with our different ups and downs. What a blessing it is to be real with one another and know that we are all not so different after all, even if an Instagram feed may make it appear to be that way. Lots of love to you!!!

  2. I would have never guessed! I have the same problem. All hair dressers can do with my hair is blow dry it 😳

  3. Great article! It is !t helps people connect and be real with each other.Thanks for

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