3 Ways to Set Up A Stress Free Week

3 Ways To Set Up A Stress Free Week

Today I want to share 3 ways to set up a stress free week!!  Girl, I am a recovering procrastinator and used to suffer from some pretty serious migraines.  I thought I needed a cleaning schedule or more “me” time, but over the years I have realized that it was regular rhythms and routines that were missing from my life.  Not having any sort of routine in my life left me feeling anxious and chaotic all the time! I want to show up the best I can each day for my family, friends and my business!  I want that for you too babe!!  Lets not waste anytime and just get straight to what has personally helped me more with my time management and stress levels!



This is HUGE for me!!! I know that if I want to feel good and have optimal energy then I must fuel my body properly.  When I meal plan and prep some food in advance I not only set myself up for a healthier week, but it also saves TONS of time during a full week!!  The LAST thing I want to do when I get the kids home at 6 pm from swimming is spend an hour in the kitchen cleaning and cooking.  Eww!  What I do now is take 20 minutes on a Saturday morning before the kids gets up or while they are watching some TV and plan out some meals then I make up a grocery list.  After that I will head straight to my computer and order those groceries up!  They are delivered the next morning and ready for me to start chopping and  cooking.  Yes girl I order my groceries and have them delivered! I live in the country and it takes 30 minutes for me to drive to the store, so why waste all that energy packing around kids and driving when I can take 10 minutes and have them delivered right to my doorstep? I’m all about delegating to lower stress and increase productivity, which I could really do a complete separate blog post on!  Some of my go to meals to prep in advance are soups, lasagna, chicken for salads and wraps, pizza, muffins, energy bites and chili! All of these meals and snacks can be doubled or tripled and put in the deep freeze!  Might as well save more time and create more meals for the future right?!


I work for Beautycounter as an adovate for safer beauty which I LOVE, but working mainly from home means I MUST time block when I am working on my business and know exactly what I am doing during those blocks of time.  Before the week begins I take a look at the calendar and make sure I’ve blocked out time for my business and working out and then add in anything else like kids activities, parties, play dates, appointments ect.  Be sure to leave FREE space in your calendar girl! You have to take care of yourself.  Remember that you create your calendar and how busy you are.  Free space in the calendar means that you can go out for a last minute coffee with a girlfriend or work on a creative project!  Don’t forget to fill your cup!


My kids are 8 and 10 now, so rather than me doing all the cleaning we do it all together!  Sometimes my hubby and one kid will go outside and do yard work and the other child and I will stay inside and tackle some jobs.  When we get together as a family on Saturday or Sunday to do chores it really helps set us up for the week.  We also have a lot of daily habits that make this cleaning on the weekend really not so daunting. I will make a blog post about that, because it’s a total game changer!!


I hope these 3 tips to really help set you up for a more stress free week!!  Will you tell me in the comments things that you implement into your life to lower your stress?  I love hearing from you! If you found this blog post helpful I would be FOREVER grateful if you would quickly pin it to Pinterest so that other mama’s can find it and start living into their best lives as well! I will leave some pinnable graphics below.  Thanks so much!!!

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Set Up A Stress Free Week

  1. I honestly don’t know how I would function week after week if I didn’t meal plan every week! Actually, I do know- I’d be eating out every night and spending tons of money! LOL! It takes a load of stress off knowing what the meals for the week will look like. Good tips / post! 🙂

    • Thanks for the love!! And yes girl, I so agree with you!! I would be eating out every night as well if I didn’t have at least a rough plan!

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