Parents Need Time Outs


Do time outs REALLY work? I’m here to tell you, yes they do, and I’m not talking kid time outs, I’m talking grown ass adult time outs!!

For the most part, I consider myself a pretty calm and patient person, but the other day I felt like a giant storm was raging in my soul. I was frustrated with some things and you know who took the brunt of that? My kids. Ouch, that sucks and it’s so hard to admit, but it’s the truth. Now if you don’t have kids, bare with me, there are moments when you could use a time out too, guaranteed! Finally it was like this big flashing light bulb went off, or maybe it was God gently reminding me: “Lauren, this is not you. Do you like how you feel right now. You can turn this morning around and choose something different.” Okay TIMEOUT! Say what?! I can choose something different? Okay, so this is where the real timeout happens. Kaine and Belle came loudly running out laughing at that moment, but mama needed a time out, so I took a few minutes to ask them both how they thought I felt that morning. They both agreed mad, so I told them, “I am feeling frustrated and I need 5-10 minutes to pray and to get my mindset right.” So off they went to their separate rooms, so I could take a time out bringing peace to my soul and my home.

… I want to bring my best self forward to the people around me, especially my kids, who are little sponges holding onto my every word and action. Taking that time allowed me to ask God for forgiveness, guidance and a new perspective. We are all human and will make mistakes. Give yourself grace when you are “loosing it” and for heavens sake, if your attitude is going to leave others feeling like poop, then take 5 minutes and give yourself a time out!

“Joy doesn’t come and go. What comes and goes is my awareness of it.” -Robert Holden

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