Podcasts Every Mom Must Tune Into

Podcasts Every Mom Must Tune Into

Monday August 27th, 2018

Have you ever felt totally burnt out as a mama bear and wondered how other mothers do it? Or just simply wanted to know that you’re not alone when you’ve yelled at your kid for the 5th time that day?! I hear you mama and that’s why I want to share my favorite and most helpful podcasts that every mom must tune into! When I first discovered podcasts I couldn’t believe the knowledge and encouragement that was available to me for FREE.  I have downloaded podcasts for faith, business and mental health, but today what I want to share with you are my favorite podcast for moms!  I love reading, but lets face it, as a busy mama my time is limited to read all the things, so this is why I love podcasts! I can download whatever episodes speak to me in the moment, pop in my ear buds and tackle some chores while being encouraged!  I love listening to podcasts while I’m cleaning, driving or going for a walk by myself in the morning or after dinner.

Let’s get to the goods now shall we?!

  1. The Purpose Show:

Allie Casazza created The Purpose Show for moms who want to leave a legacy of intention and joy. No more counting the minutes till bedtime! Her main focus is living a minimalist motherhood and how it can not only change your life, but also how it has changed hers.  She has really inspiring and thought provoking interviews as well.  She shares everything from how to minimalism helps super busy family’s to life hacks when grocery shopping with littles.  Grab a coffee and tune into Allie! You will feel like your hanging with your bestie!

      2. Mother Like A Boss

Kendrah Hennessy is your host for the Mother Like A Boss Podcast.  Kendrah is a super down to earth, tell it like it is mama!!  Her podcasts offers tons of tips and tricks to help you on your motherhood journey.  She owned her own cleaning business for 10 years, so she also talks a lot about cleaning efficiently, so that you feel happy in your space and you’re not wasting time.  Truthfully whenever I am getting ready to scrub toilets, I will always listen into one of her episodes to get me through it!  This mama is truly inspiring and helpful!!

    3. Mom Is In Control

Heather Chauvin is the creator of the Mom Is In Control Podcast.  She is funny and real.  If swear words bother you than don’t download, but I happen to love that she writes and speaks the way she would in real life. She has a pretty captivating story of how she actually almost died running herself into the ground being the best mom she could be.  She shares tips on how to get more self aware as a mother and stop playing the victim in your life.  She’s like a swift kick in the butt for me when I am starting to feel sorry for myself.  Love her!

4. Motherhood Unstressed

The last podcast I want to share with you is one I actually recently discovered and I just loved the host and the wisdom she shares to empower you on your motherhood journey.  The host of this podcast is a down to earth, zen mama named Liz Carlile Liz is a certified health coach and interviews experts in the fields of motherhood, nutrition, fitness, sexuality, entrepreneurship and so much more!!  I can’t wait to download more of her episodes!

Okay ladies I do listen to many more podcasts than this, but these are my go to podcasts that every mom must tune into!! Now tell me? Do you listen to podcasts regulary?  Comment with your faves, so I can download some episodes to listen to!  So much love to you all!!!

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