5 Tips For Taking Amazing Reflection iPhone Photos

A reflection shot is a great way to add some new creativity into your iPhone photography! It’s really fun to find new ways to capture reflections and when done properly a great reflection shot can really add dimension to your portfolio or your Instagram feed!  In this article you will find 5 tips on how to capture a creative reflection shot with your iPhone and some apps to help you edit!

1.Find a Reflective Surface

Bodies of water make AMAZING reflection photos!!  I live near the ocean and lakes so we can have a lot of fun!  If you don’t live near a big body of water then don’t fret.  Did it rain recently? Puddles can make for some REALLY fun and creative photos!  Like the image below.  I was literally on a morning walk through the woods and came across a GIANT puddle.  Well in that puddle I could see some amazing clouds and the trees so I snapped a photo!!  Further editing really made it pop, but we will touch on that in a minute.

Other surfaces that can make for really creative reflection photos are cars, mirrors, glass table tops, counter tops, ice, sunglasses, windows. bubbles and the list goes on! Keep your eyes peeled as you go about your day today.  You will start to notice reflections everywhere!!  You can then start placing a subject into that reflection which brings me to my next tip.

2. Incorporate an Interesting Subject 

Okay so you’ve scouted out some reflective spots to start shooting but what’s next?!  Find an interesting subject to incorporate!  My kids make great subjects and allow me to really capture special moments of them playing or being silly, like in the photo of them above ready to take on a giant pile of pancakes!

Animals are amazing subjects to capture!  Confession: this dog isn’t even mine!!!  She was just standing so strong in the ocean that I couldn’t help but snap a photo!

Other subjects that look great in reflection photos are trees, boats, cars, bridges, bikes.  As long as it makes the photo look more interesting then basically anything goes!

3. Capture Colors and Skies

I absolutely adore heading out to take reflection photos when the lighting is great and when there are some clouds in the sky! I personally love to hit the ocean at Golden Hour.  Which is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. This lighting usually offers up some really great pink, orange and even purple tones to the sky. Adjust the exposure if necessary (by swiping up or down on the screen after tapping to set focus) so that the reflection colors are captured in all their goodness. This will create a beautiful image!


4. Get Low Get Low

I’m not joking here girl! GET LOW!!  Put your screen on lock, flip that phone upside down so the camera is super close to the ground and start snapping!!  Notice how getting the camera as close to the reflective surface as possible really gives a neat result and helps you capture more of the reflection.  I do this all the time when shooting in puddles or the kids at the table.  Really play with different angles.  Try taking an image in a puddle and then flipping the image to get a different perspective like how I did in the puddle image below.

5. Download a Few Editing Apps

A good photo can look outstanding with a little editing!  The easiest way to edit is download a user friendly app like Snapseed.  I always bump up the brightness and contrast a bit.  You can also play with the temperature and colors to change the tones in the sky.  There are also apps out there like the app Reflect Mirror App  which actually allows you to add in a reflection if you have a cool shot that doesn’t include one already.

iPhone Photography is truly so much fun and you can get so creative with it!!!  The best part is we have our phones on us a lot in this day and age right?!   When you know how to utilize your camera on your phone and the apps you can download, then major magic can happen!!  If you want more inspiration then be sure to come follow me on instagram!  I am posting new photos every week!!

So Much Love!

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