How I Set Monthly Goals and Accomplish Them

How to Set Monthly Goals and Actually Complete Them

We’ve all done it; set some goals for the year in January and then what happens when December rolls around?  The goals are not accomplished and we are left feeling like that pile of poop we just cleaned off the kitchen floor! Hey, if you’ve potty trained a couple of tiny humans, then you know what I am talking about!!  Learning how to set monthly goals and accomplish them has seriously changed my life and my mom game!! I am now more productive, creative and happier!!  Let me back track a bit to a time long before I set monthly goals! Don’t let those cute little faces fool you now!  Yes, we had lots of fun, but there were days when this mama was just so overwhelmed that I really felt like I wasn’t bringing my best self for my kids.  For a good year looking at the dishes in the kitchen sink seemed so overwhelming and bursting into tears at random times happened on a regular basis!  You can read a little more about that story HERE.

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Creating is my passion and always has been since I was a child. Completing this drawing of my son below as a baby was a BIG deal for me. I started it when he was about 1, but quickly became pregnant again and well life happened! Last year I started setting monthly goals in different areas of my life and creating space to do the things that set my little soul on fire rather than continuing to just let like happen and never feeling accomplished. Because of that I was finally, after 8 years, able to finish this drawing of my son! Setting monthly goals and actually completing them has also boosted my confidence, happiness and productivity!

set monthly goals, kids, motherhood, drawing, goals
Photo taken by Little Prints Photography

Okay so how’s it done you ask? First I pick a few areas of my life that I want to accomplish a goal in.  Here are some I choose from:

  1. Faith

  2. Family

  3. Health

  4. Home

  5. Business

  6. Creative

If you’re new at goal setting, I wouldn’t pick a whole bunch to start.  Maybe just choose 1 or 2 areas to set a goal.  Some creative goals I’ve completed are learning iPhone Photography (Still learning!), finishing this portrait of my son and re-finishing my daughters night stand.   So fun!

Once you choose a goal, such as me completing the portrait I showed you guys above, you need to create ACTION steps in order to make sure you successful!  Creating action steps is really where the magic happens!! Small  actionable steps will ensure the task isn’t daunting, but still gets done.   Everything is just easier when you break it down right? Like if you wanted to lose 50 pounds!  Saying that out loud sounds daunting, but if you say I want to lose 3 pounds this month and I am going to do that by walking 30 minutes every night and cutting out soda drinks, well that doesn’t seem as daunting at all! That’s so do-able!  So the same goes with any goal you set in life, but lets use my drawing as an example:


Finish drawing portrait of my son

Action Steps:

  1. Go dust off and sharpen all drawing pencils and put on table.

  2. Find the sketch and original photo and put on same table as pencils.

  3. Download some good podcasts (because this is how I roll when I’m doing chores or art projects!)

  4. Set a time on calendar to finish the sketch.

Just taking 15 minutes one day to get the art supplies out and sharpened was a good start for me. Remember, I hadn’t drawn in YEARS, so I just needed to start somewhere.  Also actually scheduling this into my calendar was HUGE!   When you set monthly goals treat them like appointments and create that space for them.  Start saying no to things, so you can say yes to what sets your soul on fire!!  You will feel so good! I also highly recommend placing your monthly goals and action steps somewhere you will see them and not forget! Maybe on a white board or a vision board in your room or kitchen.   Also, please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish all your goals. I find writing my goal out and writing out the action steps is huge, but hey life happens and sometimes my goals aren’t completed by month end.

I hope this helps you crush some goals mama!! 

If you’re reading this you may have lost some joy in your life and your wanting to get it back!! I so get that and I’ve been there girl.  Along with setting a few monthly goals, it’s important to keep our attitudes right while parenting.  If you feel stressed or like the joy is being sucked out of you go check out my blog posts about how I bring joy back to my parenting by clicking here! I think there are some tips in there you may find helpful!  You can read part one here and part two here.  Don’t forget, you are doing a good job mama!!

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