Stress Free Mornings With Kids

Say goodbye to rushing out the door and yelling at the kids! Mornings are how we set the tone girl! Here are 5 tips for a stress free morning!


I know what you’re thinking: stress free mornings with kids?!   How is that even possible??  Girl, I’ve rushed out the door WAY too many times or spent too much precious energy yelling at the kids to get jackets that I knew something had to change!!  One morning we were rushing so much that I ended up dropping my keys under the freaking deck!! Yes under the deck and I almost  hit a deer driving the kids to school just to top it off.  This caused us to be even more late and stressed out.  It was like a huge slap in the face.  I felt like God was saying, Lauren you don’t have to live like this!! So then I decided that day that rushed and stressful mornings were no longer going to be a thing in our house! And guess what?!  IT’S ACTUALLY WORKING!!! Here are 5 things I’ve implemented to have stress free mornings with my kids!

Prep The Night Before

This is HUGE!!!! Prep some lunches and get the kids to lay out their clothes.  Make sure you clean up all the dishes, so that you can start with a fresh slate in the morning,  Nothing will stress me out more then waking up to a pile of dishes screaming at me to be washed while the kids fight over the maple syrup!

Wake Up Before Your Kids

Yes you read that right mama!!!  I know it can seem daunting when the kids already get up early enough as it is, but this personally was a GAME CHANGER for me.  I used to struggle with anxiety so bad to the point that I was getting headaches almost daily.  You  can read more about that here.  Long story short, I started rising 15 minutes before my kids.  This gave me a little time to wash my face, read a verse in the bible and sip on some hot coffee before it got cold! I now rise 90 minutes before my kids so that I can get a workout in or read and even more prayer time.  It’s blissful!!!!!  I feel good taking care of myself and doing something good for myself before its time to start serving my family.  I use that time to also really envision what I want my morning to look like and how I want to show up for my kids.

Make Breakfast Ahead Of Time

This has been saving me!! One or two days a week I let the kids have cereal as a treat, but on the other days they will have something I’ve prepped in advance like protein waffles, muffins, over night oats or egg bites!  Such a time saver!

Light A Candle

I don’t do this every morning, but I thought it was worth adding in because when I do it the kids just LOVE it and it really sets a good tone for the morning.  Some mornings I will play some uplifting music quietly and light a candle at the table so we can all have nice candle lit breakfast together. It feels special and I swear that warm glow from the candle is just so comforting!!

Buffer Time

After the deck ate my car keys that one rushed morning, I decided that we needed more time in the morning. I started waking the kids up 20 minutes earlier so that they could have a little more time to eat and get ready.  Lets face it, kids take WAY longer to rinse a dish or get a shoe on.  Having that little bit of extra time has been super helpful! I also make sure I tell them to start getting shoes on about 10 minutes in advance rather than 2 minutes!

Say goodbye to stressful mornings girl!!  Our morning is that sacred time that really sets the tone for the day, so I challenge you to get more intentional about having stress free mornings.  You got this mama!!!!  If you found this post helpful I would so appreciate it if you would share it to your social media account or pin it to pinterest! I will put a pin-able image below to make that super easy for you!  Thank you so much!! So much love to you always!!!

Say goodbye to yelling at the kids or rushing out the door! Click for 5 tips to have a stress FREE morning with kids!


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