My Favorite Apps To Edit iPhone Photos

My Favorite Apps To Edit iPhone Photos It can take a little time to find your favorite apps to edit your iPhone photos.  I have been learning about iPhone photography for one year now, so I have downloaded and deleted MANY apps for editing photos.  I personally love taking photos with my iPhone for the […]

Belle Is…

  Whether you are an avid bible reader or not, it’s likely you’ve heard the famous verse about love. I read somewhere, to read the verse to your children, but replace the word love with your child’s name. I thought this was a sweet idea, so last night before bed, I went to their rooms […]

Defining Balance

This morning as I was sipping on my morning coffee, I got to thinking more about life balance; how this is such a struggle for so many and is something I continue to work through all the time. I’m getting much better at it and wanted to share a few insights around this topic in […]