How To Get Volume Into The Finest Hair!

The struggle can be real to get volume when you haven’t been blessed with naturally long locks. I get it girl! You’ve come to the right place if this is something you’ve been getting frustrated with!  I have tested SO many products over the years and wasted so much money.  I want to save you that hassle by sharing four products that I use each week to get gorgeous volume!

This may come as a surprise to you, but I struggled to get volume into my hair for YEARS.  I was not born with the long locks that many people see me sporting from day to day!  I have lots of hair secrets to get your hair looking longer and fuller, but today I am just going to share with you four of my most favorite products that I use each week and they make all of my princess hair dreams come true!!!

How to get volume into your fine hair


1. Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray: As an advocate for safer beauty, I can say that the ingredients in this product are not the best, however this product is hands down the best texture spray I have ever used!! It doesn’t weigh my hair down or give it that crunchy greasy feel.   It really just gives the perfect, light weight texture! Amazing for creating volume. I love it when I am doing braids.  I highly recommend going outside to spray this product in your hair, so you’re not breathing in the chemicals.  Also don’t wash your hair a ton!!  If you use this on Monday, then the product is still in your hair and working it’s magic until your next wash!  I only wash my hair every 4-5 days now and my hair has completely adjusted to this.You can score this at most Salons or purchase it online HERE.


2. Beautycounter’s Volumizing Collection:  Made without harmful ingredients like SLS, Fragrance or Parabens this collection is a must!!!  Us gals with naturally fine hair really have to be careful of what shampoos and conditioners we are using.  Something light weight is so important, as so many shampoos can really weigh our hair down. The volume spray in this set is LIFE. I spray it into wet hair and blow dry.  You can score this set HERE


3. My last suggestion is to try out a nice pair of hair extensions.  These were a game changer for me as far as getting volume and length in my braids.  My hair is thin and doesn’t grow that long on it’s own!  I bought these Chestnut Ombre ones in the photo above from Luxy Hair.  I really love them, because I can change up the look depending on how I feel!! It’s so awesome that I don’t need to bleach my hair to get this ombre look!  I also have a set of soft black ones from Irresistable Me.  Both of these hair extension brands are really nice quality!  If you have fine hair like me then clip ins are the way to go.  Other hair extensions can break your hair off and just ruin the precious hair you do have on your head!


That’s all for now beauties!  I want to you to leave knowing that you, my darling, are perfectly and wonderfully made.  With or without a head full of long, thick hair, you are beautiful and a force in this world! Use your force for good and spread light wherever you go! If you found this post helpful please share it to one of your social media platforms!  I will leave an image below that is great for Pinterest!  Thanks babe!!!

So much love,

lauren, braided brunette




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